Book 1 – Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks

This was the first book we read together. faulks 2 Our first step into the unknown world of our book group. We gently opened its pages with fresh enthusiasm and looked forward to relishing every word. Were we going to like it? What if we didn’t? Would we succumb to Sebastian Faulks‘ writing and become entranced with his main character or would we see through her slightly pathetic character and her love interests ways and will it all to end…

Charlotte Gray had the premise to be a fantastic read. A story of intrigue and deception beyond all doubt. But, I saw through her character very quickly and sadly, I was not taken in by her at all. What promised to be a poignant storyline set (mainly) in France during the Second World War, turned into a laborious read and I grudgingly finished the book.  2/5

One dimensional characters. Found the plot hard to swallow. 2/5

Poor old Sebastian Faulks – what can I say – I much preferred the heroine in”my dear I wanted to tell you” – she is a bit of a pain!  2.5/5

One of the most infuriating female characters I’ve ever come across and it is unthinkable that someone so self-obsessed would have survived in Occupied France. This was my second reading and I liked it even less than first time round.  3/5

TOTAL 15.5/30

Charlotte Gray currently languishes as our 2014 Literary Wooden Spoon of the Year.



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2 Responses to Book 1 – Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks

  1. Louise says:

    Great way to get the most out of your book group Sarah. And well,done on distilling your thoughts on the book into such a succinct summary. Tricky. I usually live Sebastian Faulks but haven’t tried this one. Will probably leave it till I’m really short of reading matter after your thoughts. Very useful.


    • Sarah PB says:

      Thanks Louise, I always get asked what my book group is reading at the moment so I thought I would set this up as an easy way to keep everyone informed and also raise awareness of the Hospice too.


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