Book 3 – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Burrows

If you have never been to Guernsey before, then you will want to pack your bags and head over to the island once you read this book. Set in 1946, the story is told through a series of letters between a London-based author, Juliet Ashton and the islanders of Guernsey.guernsey 2 Events unfold through the inhabitants correspondence as they share their experiences of the German Occupation during the Second World War.  A moving and uplifting tale of bravery, wee white lies and a community spirit that every village, town and city in the world should aspire to.

There is nothing more rewarding than scouring the book shelves of your local library or charity book shop and finding a little gem hidden among the spines. And this little gem, didn’t fail to disappoint. The story takes the reader into the cellars and secret bunkers of the islanders as they do their best to save their most treasured possessions. An emotional roller coaster ride of angst and disbelief as I became privy to the world in which the islanders found themselves in during the German occupation. It was nearly a 5 out of 5 but I found the author’s love life sometimes took the story in the wrong direction. Fantastic book which I will no doubt read again. 4/5

Interesting and effective device to tell the story through letters. 4/5

A lovely Sunday afternoon kind of a book – especially good with a big bag of Revels. 3.5/5

Read previously but still very enjoyable. Believable characters but, again, an unconvincing and weak ending. 3.5/5

TOTAL 20/30


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