Book 4 – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

Now that ‘The Casual Vacancy’ fever has calmed down and J.K. Rowling has moved ever so slightly away from her beloved wizard for a while, it has been interesting to see what, or indeed, who she would create next. galbraith 2Under a pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, she introduces us to a new private detective in Cormoran Strike, an ex-veteran that is hired to solve the apparent suicide of a model. The first in a series, crime readers can follow this refreshing new character as he makes his mark on the crime shelf.

As a prolific crime reader, I was intrigued to see how this book would pan out. I wasn’t disappointed and thought the story flowed well. The twist at the end was fairly obvious but the book is realistic and genuine and deals with Cormoran’s emotional past life in a way that doesn’t deter from his present predicaments and resolution of his intriguing case. I look forward to reading more. 3.5/5

Found it difficult to empathise with the characters. I’m afraid I didn’t really enjoy this one. 1/5

A good read for a long train journey although another book would have been better. 3/5

Very enjoyable but I thought the writing was poor. I think the author was trying to do a ‘Raymond Chandler’ and failed. Doesn’t make me eager to read any more of his/her work. 3.5/5

This book had real potential in my opinion. The lead character was interesting and damaged with a dark past, all good qualities in a crime/mystery novel. I found myself wanting to know more about him and felt he was a character with depth.  However the main female character was a bit boring and unimaginative by comparison, so I found it hard to believe the friendship/relationship that was forming between them. The twist was also glaringly obvious. However I imagine it is very difficult to write a twist that is just credible enough without being transparent. 3.5/5

TOTAL 21.5/35


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