Book 6 – The Humans by Matt Haig


humansLife can change in an instant. A possible flash of brilliance before your very eyes or it can be sneaky and morph into something else without you even realising that anything has changed. This fantastic story uses this tactic and more to convince the reader that all may not be as it seems for the Martin family once an alien decides to see what life on earth is really all about, in the body of Professor Martin. Matt Haig is triumphant in getting his story across. 

I was taken on a mystical journey through the eyes of the Martin family as they become aware of personality ‘changes’ to the main breadwinner, father and husband, Professor Andrew Martin. He is a well-educated man, perhaps too ignorant of his family life and what it means to be present in the house, as he prefers his work as a scientist. A momentous breakthrough in his research means the end to his life as he knows it but not to his long-suffering family. Something’s not quite right with Dad, they say as Matt Haig takes you for a long walk through the mind of an alien on Earth. Sometimes you just need to accept people for the way they are rather than change them to be what you would prefer. Fantastic. 5/5

The Humans was a real surprise as I was not looking forward to reading it at all. 4.5/5

I thought it was a really good read and the principal characters were well observed. 4/5

This is a genre I usually avoid but I persevered and actually found it very insightful and thought-provoking. He used a clever device to examine and explore the human psyche. 3/5

I’m amazed at how much I enjoyed The Humans. The first chapters were particularly amusing and the latter chapters touched the heart and, for once, the ending lived up to the rest of the book. Hurrah!! 4/5

Loved this unusual look at the human race. If I’d read the blurb I very much doubt I would have picked this up, thinking this won’t be my type of book. However it turned out to be brilliant,  very witty & clever. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom the author had to examine the human race through the eyes of a Martian. Why do we devote the largest number of waking hours to working when it is the thing we claim to hate the most, does seem a little crazy when you put it like that! 4.5/5

TOTAL SCORE: 30.5/40



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