Happy 1st Birthday

On the 10th April 2014, I found myself in the quiet and calm of St Columbas Hospice Book Shop, Goldenacre, Edinburgh. The shop had closed for the day and I was looking forward to my first meeting with the book worms.

The kettle was on, the biscuits were waiting to be devoured and the welcome packs grinned back at me from their place on the floor beside me. Various chairs, stools and anything else we could class as a seat, sat in the centre of the room. Our first literary circle had been formed.

Cheery faces soon arrived, followed by handshakes and smiles, the beginnings of our little clan. A year on, we may have moved our meetings to another venue but the enthusiasm and energy from the book worms is as infectious today as it was a year ago.

Thank you everyone for making it such fun and for taking on books that you normally wouldn’t have considered before, I know that is definitely the case for me. I suppose that’s what our book group is for…trying something new in the company of like-minded people. Testing the waters of what is out there on the shelves.

2015-04-16 12.21.46We decided to celebrate our 1st birthday in style and booked our usual table at The Starbank but for dinner and fizz this time. The food and company were as brilliant as ever and a great night was had by all. 2015-04-16 18.32.53Mimi’s Bakehouse supplied our amazing cake which we shared among the group and treated the staff for all their hard work in making our night so successful.

Happy 1st Birthday St Columbas Hospice Book worms! May there be many more to come.


About Great Big Jar

Life is like a box of chocolates - well, it would be but I ate them all! I am a writer of children's stories and rhymes. I am currently testing the waters with two new stories for 8+ and 11+ readers - a new exciting genre to sink my teeth into. Drop by and say hello www.greatbigjar.com.
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