Book 10 – Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

An interesting choice for our next book as we were torn between the original Jane Austin creation and Joanna Trollope’s modern adaptation. In true book worm style, we read both!


Switching from period drama to modern day England to regale the tail of the two sisters was no mean feat and Joanna Trollope was quite possibly the best person to take on the mammoth task. Following Elinor and Marianne through the trials and tribulations of their circumstance takes the reader through the highs and lows of love, life in the country and the desperate need to belong.

I was intrigued as to how Joanna Trollope was going to re-create this classic. Would I be able to stop images of swirling dresses, coy glances at possible love interests and general bewilderment from the master of the house to enjoy this 21st Century adaptation? I did. Just. I have to admit that I preferred the original but it was great to read it in a modern setting although I did find myself wishing that they had more gumption about them! 3/5

I was disappointed to find that other than the addition of a few modern gadgets the original story was largely undeveloped. I was hoping for something more ingenious I guess.  As such I then felt that the characters were out of place, as were many of the story lines. I felt the girls came across as spoilt & ungrateful and Edward’s commitment to Miss Steele just seemed confusing in today’s society. I think the Dashwood sister’s should have been left in an era where the values that they held still rung true. 1.5/5

TOTAL SCORE: 19.5/40


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2 Responses to Book 10 – Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

  1. David Stephenson says:

    I was very interested to see what Joanna Trollope would make of this. I haven’t much enjoyed anything by her that I’ve read in the past and I found her version of Sense & Sensibility pretty anodyne. Marianne and her mother were even more irritating than the original had them and poor Elinor was a complete doormat in the modern version when I have always thought of her as a strong woman who was the only thing between her family and total disaster. The original is brilliant and thoroughly engaging. This version is not.


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