Book 14 – Summertime, All The Cats Are Bored by Phillippe Georget

Crime novels can sometimes throw a spanner into the workings of a book group. The often macabre and bloodied images that we read can make us unwilling to read on. Our latest book was a surprise to us all and a welcome addition to our list.


Sebag and Moulina are two Perpignan cops run down my the tedium of their working life, family matters and lack of coffee. A Dutch woman is murdered and so begins a mysterious death investigation which results in a serial killer showing his true colours and his advanced knowledge of Sebag and his colleagues. A fast-paced crime novel with gripping twists that have made it into a real page turner.

This book was quite an exception to the rule and I found myself engrossed from the very start. I finished it in 9 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it. There seemed to be an awful lot of tomato salads and coffee though which took away the otherwise realistic ambience but did provide some light relief from the sad and brutal tale. On a separate note, I was disappointed with the cover so I hope the next one is more relevant. Looking forward to more by Phillipe Georget. 4/5

It kept me spell-bound throughout and I could even ignore the obvious translation errors.  I just couldn’t put this book down as it’s not normally my kind of read but I found the way in which the characters were introduced and the plot structured made for a very good read. 4/5

This is not a genre that I usually enjoy but this is one of the rare exceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed it because the violence/evil is understated and not over emphasised. I liked the insight into the characters and their lives. A very well crafted story although a tad lengthy. Having said that, in my opinion it tops the list of the crime books we’ve read so far. 4/5

This is not a title I would ever have picked off the shelf but, to my great delight, I thoroughly enjoyed this book from an author of whom I had never heard. It became obvious well before the end who was responsible for the kidnap but the twists and turns were fascinating. The greatest puzzle, for me, was why that family appeared to live on tomato salad!
Yet again I found the ending to be disappointingly weak but this is my only real criticism. 4/5

TOTAL SCORE: 27.25/35


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